Winner 2018 SCNZ Excellence in Steel Awards (Category $0.5M-$3M)

Smales Farm is the home of some of the most technologically advanced buildings in New Zealand featuring innovative, flexible infrastructure and the B:HIVE’s Helical Stair engineered by D&H Steel is no exception.

Commissioned by Leighs Construction, D&H Steel and the project design team developed the complex helical design using 3D modelling BIM technology delivering practical solutions to the design challenges, including addressing issues such as “bounce”.  No two flights are geometrically the same and each terminates at a different angle to its predecessor.

D&H Steel provided value-engineering input on weld optimization and introduced a facetted design to enhance steel plate ultilisation. These changes contributed to a more simple and safer on-site erection methodology. The final result is an elegantly plain solution that has become the focal point of the building.