Custom Welded Beams (CWB)

D&H Steel are the manufacturers of Custom Welded Beams (CWB) using “state of the art” technology incorporating submerged arc, twin wire welders computer controlled to meet the highest quality standards.

Beam Dimensions. Depth – 200mm to 2000mm.  Flange width – 150mm to 1250mm.  Web and Flange thickness – 8mm to 80mm. CWB’s can be fabricated with lengths between 6m and 31m.

Steel plate options.  Standard thickness – 8,10,12,16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50mm. Non-standard thickness 14,18, 22, 28, 36mm also available upon request. Flange widths – 183, 210, 245, 295, 370 and 490mm are optimum however any other width is also possible.

Steel Grade.  G350L15 in compliance with AS/NZS 3678 (2011). Material test certificates available on request.

Welds.  Double side 6mm or 8mm submerged arc welds (SAW) are standard. All welds are to AS 1554.1 – Category SP

Specifications.  CWB’s are manufactured to AS/NZS 5131 (2016) as the standard specification. Should AS/NZS 3679.2 (2016) be specified, we can offer this, however the extra testing requirements results in higher costs and longer lead times.

CWB’s are ideally suited for many applications including large span portal frame structures, parking and office buildings, bridge and crane beams. We offer a free specifier design service to cost engineer the most efficient CWB solutions into your project. For expert technical advice please phone 021 534435 or email

Sistema optimised tapered CWB portal frames

Composite CWB floor beams

Kopu River Bridge CWB beams

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